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15 Halloween Costume Fails From This Year That Are So Bad They're Good

LOL, the Joker falling.

1. This Joker fell:

All I have are negative thoughts 🤡

2. And so did this performer, who fell during his Halloween show:

Their costumes, and he fell backward lol!

3. This self-proclaimed Guy Fieri fail wasn't exactly accurate:

4. This guy ripped his pants:

My friend ripped his pants at a costume house party last night I’m deadddd lmao

5. This was a scary misunderstanding:

6. This was a scary dye job for a costume:

So I’m dying my hair for my Halloween costume and the dye mixture I used looks just like blood. It looks like I cracked my head open and it’s freaking me out.

7. This dad's costume didn't fit:

Epic fail by my dad, not trying his costume on before we got to Disney World Florida . . . . #disneyworld @DWproblems #Halloween19 #halloween2019 #halloweencostume #costumefail @WaltDisneyWorld @DisneyParks @Disney @DisneyStudios @DisneyMKingdoms

Twitter: @AGENTC2008

8. This couple (who still slayed) didn't know the plot of Toy Story:

9. This dinosaur blow-up costume was literally flopping:

10. This couple was definitely not in sync this Halloween:

our costume ideas were a little different!

11. This iconic historical costume "traumatized" everyone:

I was Babe-raham Lincoln at a Halloween party and traumatized everyone there, God bless America.

12. This unicorn costume from this year looks like a ballsack:

13. This Pennywise costume was scarily bad:

14. This girl ripped her costume's zipper while she was out:

Last night my zipper broke right when we started getting slammed so this was my killer Halloween costume last night

15. And lastly, this costume fail that I'm sure has a great story behind it:

When your costume fails and you just give up. So New Orleans! Complete w/arm gauntlets 🤣🤣🤣 #nola #neworleans