I'm Screachiiing At These Hilarious Tweets From This Week

    "Excited to get to the gathering!!! I'm gonna talk about how it’s humid."

    We're bringing back the best tweets of the week. Whether you want to laugh on your way to work, send a meme or two to a friend, or just kill time, we got you! Here are the best tweets of the last week or so:

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    Trying to keep up with all these new social media apps pic.twitter.com/Jt9K1CK97I

    — Tom Zohar (@TomZohar) July 6, 2023
    HBO / Twitter: @TomZohar


    when you tweet instead of thread pic.twitter.com/2zToIilqsh

    — tyler oakley 👹 (@tyleroakley) July 6, 2023
    @MarkZuckberg/ Twitter: @tyleroakley


    me refusing to engage with threads and continuing to tweet pic.twitter.com/m4kFGeu6Sn

    — chase (@_chase_____) July 6, 2023
    Netflix / Twitter: @_chase_____


    remember when instagram used to have an entire tab showcasing everyone’s business like this pic.twitter.com/7oe6xgR1pi

    — em 🍓 (@uhhmmily) July 6, 2023
    @demilovato / Twitter: @uhhmmily


    i hate when energy drinks are marketed toward men. what could they possible need energy for? telling lies??

    — meredith (@dietz_meredith) July 5, 2023
    Twitter: @dietz_meredith


    every social media manager tonight pic.twitter.com/XKPMGNNPvc

    — guillaumehuin (@HuinGuillaume) July 6, 2023
    BuzzFeed / Twitter: @HuinGuillaume


    hey y’all PLEASE be ready with your bags packed by 6:55- the toxic gossip train will be picking you up at 7pm sharp

    — brooke (@ladyefron) July 5, 2023
    Twitter: @ladyefron


    still trying to understand what possessed a local pizza shop to get this sign Specifically pic.twitter.com/dpnW3GmuBS

    — the ways in which (@dykeprivilege) July 5, 2023
    Twitter: @dykeprivilege


    “Are you having the…”
    “The cherub butter? Yes I am.” pic.twitter.com/06FyARg1ZZ

    — elegant deer face (@blueraspbaby5) July 4, 2023
    Twitter: @blueraspbaby5


    excited to get to the gathering!!! i’m gonna talk about how it’s humid

    — charlie (@chunkbardey) July 4, 2023
    Twitter: @chunkbardey


    if dobby showed up in my house i would spray him with raid

    — zach silberberg supports the WGA (@zachsilberberg) July 3, 2023
    Twitter: @zachsilberberg


    Sometimes youre not in the mood for the Trader joe’s experience and u have to go anyway and it’s sooo scary

    — helena (@freshhel) July 4, 2023
    Twitter: @freshhel


    he’s still so fucking hot, I’d swallow not only my pride pic.twitter.com/FBVJxf4nZA

    — ver🪩nica⸆⸉ 💜 (@VIsOnCorneliaSt) July 8, 2023
    Republic Records / Twitter: @VIsOnCorneliaSt



    — aali ✩°。 ⋆⸜ 🎧 (@sailoraali) July 7, 2023
    Twitter: @sailoraali


    Me seeing a child: https://t.co/Ux2luEoUn2

    — Trixie Mattel™ (@trixiemattel) July 7, 2023
    Twitter: @trixiemattel


    Gays love to be like “last night was a movie” but all they did was kiss two guys named Ryan

    — andy (@andyrockcandy) July 8, 2023
    Twitter: @andyrockcandy


    i’m fucking crying at an 18 year old earnest af taylor presenting i can see you to a group of middle aged people and them all being like pic.twitter.com/q9VvVIl3Kp

    — grace helbig lovebot (@nofiltergrace) July 7, 2023
    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @nofiltergrace


    does anyone know the number for the white house lost & found, its very important

    — Andrew Lawrence (@ndrew_lawrence) July 5, 2023
    Twitter: @ndrew_lawrence


    It’s the outfit tho…. You a mom. https://t.co/HTZzeJYEfK

    — Karen Joseph Adcock (@ckharyn) July 6, 2023
    Twitter: @ckharyn

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