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    Updated on May 13, 2019. Posted on May 12, 2019

    13 Of The Most Hilarious Messages Of The Month (So Far)

    "You think you can co-sign so I can get this car?" —a one-time hookup

    1. This guy offered to take his date to Cici's:

    2. This guy, named Dylan, made a Tinder using the new Snapchat filter:

    3. This landlord said not to cook the kitchen:

    Message from a landlord, "don't cook meals in the kitchen"

    4. This guy asked a one-time hookup to co-sign for him:

    5. These texts detailed a hilarious spray tan fail:

    So my friend got a spray tan yesterday She woke up this morning and found it on her boyfriends leg 😭

    6. This person left this review:

    Everyone who works in customer service should legally be allowed to fight one customer a year.

    7. This little sister texted her sister these hilarious messages about her ceramic shoe:

    8. This mom invented self-care:

    This is the funniest text I have ever gotten

    9. This mom didn't care their child was going to "die":

    This is still the funniest text I’ve ever gotten from my mom

    10. This guy accidentally texted his boss something meant for his boyfriend:

    Tyler rejected my FaceTime call so I texted him “ok. Hope he’s worth it” but accidentally sent it to my FREAKING BOSS

    11. This son accidentally spoiled his Mother's Day gift:

    wow I’m an idiot I accidentally texted my mom telling her what I was making for Mother’s Day

    12. This brother sent the most Louisiana text:

    My mom texted me that my brother got a new pet and i never seen anything more Louisiana than this shit

    13. This mom found an eyelash on her keys:

    My mom has my car for today and texted me this 😹

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