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    20 Questions College Students Should Answer That Are Funny Because They're Shady And True

    Why the vodka bottle decor?

    I must admit, lighthearted dragging is my favorite. Here are some shady "questions" people on the internet have for college students.


    why do college students complain about work like theyre in high school idgi


    Why do college students never shut up abt the college they go to? I get it you’re in debt


    Why do college students decorate their accommodation with empty vodka bottles, will ye clean the place before ye get rats the size of Labradors ye fucking scruffs, no one cares that you've drank 3 bottles of vodka this semester probably video themselves taking shots


    Why do college students like to mention their parents vocation in class? Becky, I could care less if your parent is a international law professor at NYU, just read your readings boo!


    why do college students think the lesser hours you sleep is actually a flex


    But why do college students go to senior beach week


    Why do college students shit on other college students because they go to a community college? They're trying to pursue a degree just like u


    Why do college students get involved in high school issues 😂


    me, a freshman in college: “why do college students let themselves go and dress like bums? I’m gonna dress CUTE all the time HA!” me, a senior in college:


    why do college students talk while the professor is teaching ? I really don’t get it


    Why do college students wear shirts of colleges they don’t go to


    Why do college students send other college students cashapp request like we not all broke 🤨


    Why do college students always act like they weren't complaining about how hard high school was just a few years ago


    Why do college students like to play a game of “how long can i stack the trash until IT RLY CANT or someone other BUT ME takes it out” ?!?!


    Why do college students think tattoos are the coolest things ever


    Why do college students procrastinate so much????? College students being me 😂


    Why do college students go back to high school to take pictures with people going to prom ?? They graduated ???


    why do college students not HOLD THE DOOR FOR OTHER PEOPLE or say thank you when I hold it for them????


    Why do college students stress-drink?


    There • their • they’re Why do college students not know the difference 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    Well, college students, sound off in the comments with answers, rebuttals, and whatever you want. Be nice :)