Here, My Friend, Are The Funniest Viral Weekend Tweets

    The mom text, LMAO.

    Here are some funny tweets from this weekend for anyone who might need a laugh, a distraction, or just something light to read. Enjoy and stay safe.

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    every tweet you send me is on your feed bc i liked it first mama i’m miles ahead of the game. jealousy is a killer in this industry btw.

    — zach (@zachbrecheen) July 8, 2023
    Twitter: @zachbrecheen


    i am NOT expedia

    — albert (@albert12798) July 7, 2023
    Twitter: @albert12798


    at first i thought this said they revealed that they were twins and i wasn’t surprised

    — a (@washedupfag) July 8, 2023
    Twitter: @washedupfag


    your doobie, m'lord

    — michael 👃🏻 (@j3wtalian) July 7, 2023
    Twitter: @j3wtalian



    — swiftie struggle tweets (@swifferstruggle) July 8, 2023
    Twitter: @swifferstruggle


    women don’t want a man who has big muscles or a fancy car women want a guy like this

    — rax ‘leads with her crotch’ king (@RaxKingIsDead) July 7, 2023
    Friendlys / Twitter: @RaxKingIsDead


    rushing to type "me and who" so fast that i trip and fall and break my neck and die instantly

    — zach silberberg supports the WGA (@zachsilberberg) July 7, 2023
    Warner Bros / Twitter: @zachsilberberg


    Ashwagandha would be a beautiful name for an evil newborn

    — connor Wood (@fibulaa) July 8, 2023
    Twitter: @fibulaa


    bouncers at the club:

    — jãy (@iemonade) July 8, 2023
    Twitter: @iemonade


    My poor mother

    — Jo (@jealousbottom) July 7, 2023
    Twitter: @jealousbottom


    i’m fucking crying at an 18 year old earnest af taylor presenting i can see you to a group of middle aged people and them all being like

    — grace helbig lovebot (@nofiltergrace) July 7, 2023
    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @nofiltergrace


    — taylor reviews (@tayIorreviews) July 7, 2023
    Twitter: @tayIorreviews


    churning butter ..

    — Dr. Roberta Bobby (@DrSweety303) July 8, 2023
    Twitter: @DrSweety303


    — Everything Out Of Context (@EverythingOOC) July 9, 2023
    Twitter: @EverythingOOC


    men will always fascinate me

    — Isabel Steckel (@IsabelSteckel) July 8, 2023
    Twitter: @IsabelSteckel

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