17 Of The Absolute Funniest Messages Of The Month

    Featuring texts, DMs, and dating app fails.

    March has been a great month for some hilarious messages. People shared screenshots of texts, DMs, dating app conversations, and more. Here are some of the best:

    1. This delivery man's text:

    .@UberEats ARE YOU SERIOUS RN?!???

    2. This Grindr message:

    Isolation Day 6. I’ve had enough

    3. This Snapchat message fail:

    some guy asked me for nudes so i sent this i’m screaming

    Syco Music

    4. This Tinder message:

    When you download Tinder to try chatting to people in Wuhan... and your commitment to the story is thrown into question.

    5. And this Tinder burn:

    6. These Tinder stan messages:

    first tinder match who follows me on twitter......had to be done

    7. This territorial text:

    8. This iconic text reply:

    9. And this one, too:

    10. This uncle's amazing text:

    11. This COVID-19 shoot-your-shot:

    12. This inquiring message:

    13. These parents' hilarious messages:

    Glad to see that my parents are being productive with their social distancing

    14. This defensive text fail:

    My dating life is a joke. The type of texts I get 😭

    15. This brother's clueless fail:

    My mom texted my idiot brother to check in with him. Ladies and gentlemen...I cannot make this shit up:

    16. This Hinge fail:

    17. And lastly this ex text:

    haven’t spoken to my ex in 3 years but she felt the need to come into my life & ruin my peace this saturday

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