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    14 Times Anna Wintour Was Actually Miranda Priestly From "The Devil Wears Prada"

    LOL @ her dragging Amy Schumer's outfit.

    1. When she subtly dragged Amy Schumer's outfit in a Vogue skit:

    2. When she was not impressed with her employee's clothing lineup:

    3. When she revealed who she'd never invite back to the Met Gala:

    4. When she ended the word "journey":

    5. And horoscopes:

    6. When she defended her signature "wearing-sunglasses-inside" look:

    7. When she was tired of being asked the same questions during interviews:

    8. And when she wasn't here for being interviewed at all:

    9. Or for being asked to take a selfie:

    10. When she made this face while a man who wouldn't stop talking was pitching to her:

    11. When she dragged the shit out of a fashion show she attended:

    A show that I saw last winter [was] studded to the hilt with flash and iPhone-ready showmanship. I almost didn’t get to see the clothes at all, because some B-level, actually she was C- or D-level celebrity, I honestly don’t know even who it was, had dragged in a horde of paparazzi to photograph her holding various provocative signs right in front of the Vogue group.

    That show had nothing to do with creativity on the runway, nobody had given any thought as to why we were there, except to photograph the tired imagery of the brand, it was as if the lights and the people were there to distract us from the lack of creativity on the runway.

    12. When Seth Meyers tried to interrupt her and she said this:

    13. When she critiqued a contestant's clothing line, just like Miranda would:

    14. And when she went full-on Miranda when critiquing this line:

    Never change, queen: