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14 People Who Are Havin' A Real Shitty Month So Far

It's a tough month.

1. This girl, who just wanted to take a good pic:

2. And this girl, who snapped her teeth after looking at Michael B. Jordan, then found her orthodontist talking about it Tumblr:

3. This guy, whose car got a flat tire — and then when he called a tow truck, it also got a flat tire:

4. This girl, who got curved with the phrase "I'm sort of busy everyday now for the rest of this year."

if you’re having a bad day at least you didnt get pied with the phrase ‘I’m busy everyday for the rest of the year’ 🙃🙃🙃

5. And this guy, who got curved with a legendary dance move:

6. This guy, who managed to mess up making a sandwich:

7. And this guy, who can't do the shoot dance:

He was actually mad he couldn’t do the shoot dance, I’m dead lmao😂😂😂

8. This guy, who's in the most awkward situation ever:

“on a scale of 1-10 how uncomfortable are you?”

9. And this guy, who's got $0.86 to his name:

10. This teacher, who became the joke of her class:

11. And this sister, who got her leftovers stolen:

12. This person, who had an odd intruder:

13. This girl, who's just over it:

14. And last but not least, these two, who seemed to just be going through a lot: