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    14 Super Bizarre Moments From '90s MTV Shows That I Can't Really Get Over

    '90s MTV is just...something else.

    1. When Eminem called out Carson Daly on TRL:


    2. When Celine Dion kept talking about hot dogs on TRL:

    MTV / Via

    3. And when Britney Spears and Melissa Joan Hart hosted it:

    MTV / Via MTV

    4. When Mariah Carey's fans horrifically sang "My All" to her on an MTV aftershow in 1998.

    View this video on YouTube

    (Like, I know this is a video, but it's too insane not to watch)

    5. When Kurt Cobain said this to his guitarist on MTV Unplugged in 1993.


    6. When Fergie was on MTV's dating show Singled Out:

    how did i never know Fergie was on the dating show Singled Out? I have no words.. she would perform


    7. When Fiona Apple controversially said this on the VMAs in 1997:


    8. And when Courtney Love threw make up at Madonna at the 1995 VMAs...


    9. ...and then proceeded to crash the interview:


    10. When Dylan Sprouse did this on MTV as a little kid in 1999:


    11. When MTV True Life's hacker episode aired and they just showed the guy hackin' the shit out of people on TV:


    12. When Tom Green sprayed an audience member on his talk show:


    13. When Bill Clinton answered this iconic question on MTV News:

    Dennis Cook / AP Images

    14. And, of course, I have no words for anything that happened on MTV's Spring Break:


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