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14 Insane/Hilarious Text Messages People Have Actually Received In April

"Fuck y'all!" - someone's grandma at Chili's

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8. And someone received this insane text and was very confused:

Me sending a text to the wrong person 😂 #happyhumpday

9. This girl got an all-caps hilarious callout from her mom, which ended with "Love you."

One time I got an underage but convinced the cops my mom was sick so they never called her to notify her I got one, then I hid it behind a picture on my wall with a bunch of weed. Long story short, my mom sniffed out the weed, found my underage and texted me this directly after


11. These strict parents got an intense text from their son by accident:

EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY FOR MY BROTHER. nothing wrong with him he just sent this text to the wrong group chat (my parents didn't talk to me for two days when I accidentally cursed)