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14 College Graduation Fails From 2018 That Are Iconic

These grads literally put their blood, sweat, and tears into graduating.

1. This graduate accidentally flipped everyone off:

2. This girl's graduation pictures looked painful:

Graduation has hit me just as hard as the stick I tripped over during my senior pics

Twitter: @shelbyadcock

3. And this woman's hat was supposed to say "THIS," not "HIS."

4. This guy tried to do a death drop midair and fell:

5. This graduate took a nap:

6. This girl left her cap on top of her car and then drove away:

I may or may not have put my beautiful, pun-derful graduation "Cap" on the top of my car in the midst of struggling to get everything inside of said car...and then driven away 😭 my masterpiece is lost to the roads of New Hampshire, but it'll stay in my heart 💙 #graduationfail

7. This girl pretended she was peeing like a dog and ripped her gown:

8. And this girl's dress ripped down the side:

9. This woman accidentally sent her dad a pic of her in her gown smoking:

Whoops, accidentally sent that to the group chat instead of just my brother, but how disappointed can my dad be of a pic of me in my graduation gown?

10. This graduation announcer butchered this graduate's name:

i have made many mistakes in college but at least not as many as the woman reading the names at graduation!! #penngrad

11. This graduation cake was a fail in so many ways:

12. This girl had to deal with a pit stain:

13. This girl's zipper broke:

14. And finally, this graduate failed at knowing she was being pranked by her friend:

It’s tradition at TXST to jump in the river after graduation & my BFF was scared to jump so I decided to do it with her and this happened.... #GradSZN #TXSTgrad