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    Just Bought My First Home — Here Are 34 Products Perfect For A First Place

    Self-watering plants and washer-friendly rugs are my new obsession.

    Hi! My name is Ryan, and I recently purchased my first condo with my partner. Buying stuff — whether it's home goods, furniture, knickknacks, decor, odds and ends — for your first place can be hard, especially because there is SO many products out there. From 16.5"-thick mattresses to self-watering plants to washer-friendly rugs, here are some of the best first-home products, knickknacks, and more to snag!

    1. A splurge-worthy Purple RejuvenatePlus mattress and bed frame for anyone who wants to sleep in a soft, cooling, anti-microbial cloud of bliss.

    a thick Purple mattress in a bedroom with a gray headboard

    2. FrontGate Resort Collection towel set, because you deserve quality at your first place.

    a stack of luxury navy blue towels

    3. A personal-sized Nutribullet for quick and easy post-workout smoothie making.

    a nutribullet blender next to two green smoothies

    4. A gorgeous black and ivory Jonathan Adler rug from Ruggable (yes, they carry Jonathan Adler) that you can throw in the washer!

    an abstract rug

    5. A self-watering large indoor fiddle-leaf plant from Easyplant, so your plant can thrive and you can relax!

    Three plants varying in size next to a window

    6. An Artisan Citrus Juicer from Verve Culture because everyone knows fresh lemons is the key to happiness.

    A stainless steel juicer with a lemon in it

    7. An Amazon reviewer favorite — a GURIN chrome-plated luxury shower head with a bunch of adjustable angles and nozzles:

    A stainless steel shower head in a tiled shower

    8. A minimalist, chic Sharp Air Purifier for medium-sized rooms so you can sleep and live with A+ air quality, despite what's happening outside.

    a white air purifier

    9. A Sway mini karaoke machine — appropriately titled Minioke — for the nights you stay in or have friends over:

    A mini karaoke machine with a small microphone on a wooden table

    10. Or if you want something less playful, a SONOS Era 300 speaker for playing Taylor Swift's Speak Now (Taylor's Version) in high quality.

    A black circular speaker on a wooden table

    11. An espresso machine from EspressoWorks that will turn your kitchen into a chic coffee shop.

    A stainless steel espresso machine on a granite counter top next to coffee mugs

    12. A traditional Mexican woven blanket to use as a throw — or for yoga — from Gaiam.

    a back, white, grey throw blanket

    13. Or a Logan Sham Terra-Cotta sham to punctuate that new couch and impress your guests!

    a tan pillow sham

    14. A jewelry box/watch storage/valet tray container from Stock Your Home, so your dresser doesn't look cluttered as heck:

    a black jewelry box

    15. And you could fill that box with a beautiful sterling silver ring from the up-and-coming jewelry brand Lolovivi, who donates to Humans Right Campaign, Race Forward, and Perception Institute with every purchase! Yes, I know this isn't technically a home good but... you (and I) deserve a little treat for being SUCH an adult.

    a mode wearing a beautiful ring

    16. A SimpleHuman stainless trash can with recycler for easily separating your garbage and recyclables.

    a stainless steel garbage can with two sections, one for recyclables and one for garbage

    17. And a stainless-steel, rechargeable SimpleHuman sensor soap dispenser to add a small dose of luxury to your sink setup.

    a child using a stainless steel soap dispenser

    18. A Statement Home interchangeable clear acrylic tray with versatile inserts for switching up the vibe in seconds.

    an array of acrylic trays

    19. A long-lasting Rose Box that's perfect for centerpieces, accent pieces, punctuating an end table, and more.

    a circle of red roses

    20. A Beard Club Adjustable Beard Trimmer, so you can ditch the disposable razor blades and keep your place as neat as possible:

    21. A set of Lake Pajamas for lounging, sleeping, and enjoying a nice glass of wine on the couch watching true crime documentaries.

    a man wearing a blue and white pajamas set

    22. A wireless, smart meat thermometer from MEATER, so you never overcook/undercook your food again.

    a meat thermometer inside a piece of meat next to an iphone, corn, and a pepper

    23. A OneWheel GT for anyone who commutes and wants to shave some minutes off by speeding by everyone.

    A skateboard-looking device with one small wheel under it

    24. A his-and-her Aquasonic toothbrush set for anyone trying to embrace their Barbiecore aesthetic.

    a pink electronic toothbrush next to a blue electric toothbrush

    25. A RoboRock Q5 robot vacuum for someone who loves the look of a vacuumed house, but hates the idea of actually vacuuming.

    A circular black robotic vacuum on a vinyl gray floor

    26. A high-end Lafco diffuser for the office or work area.

    A large white LAFCO reed diffuser with reed sticks inside it

    27. An 18"-wide Vista double hanging closet insert for anyone who wants to keep their closet organized and streamlined:

    clothes hanging inside a closet

    28. A Tito's In Big Can stainless steel mini keg for the ultimate party piece and conversation starter.

    a mini keg that says Titos in a can

    29. Or a super cute, cheeky case of Gay Water — aka vodka, soda water, and some natural flavor — that will make any pregame or gayvent amazing.

    a man holding a can of vokda soda called Gay Water

    30. An AirEsscentials Bluetooth-enabled, programmable scent diffuser, so whenever someone walks in your home, they're immediately inundated with beautifully luxurious scents:

    a white scent diffuser

    31. A solid (very in right now!) oak coffee table — it has built-in storage!

    an oak coffee table with built in storage

    32. And if you need books to put on top — there's a a hilarious new memoir Is It Hot in Here (Or Am I Suffering for All Eternity for the Sins I Committed On Earth)? from comedian Zach Zimmerman.

    a memoir titled  Is It Hot in Here (Or Am I Suffering for All Eternity for the Sins I Committed On Earth)? on a table

    33. Or for a more serious but empowering book, there's former Vogue and Harper's Bazaar editor Maureen Lippe's memoir Radical Reinvention: Reimagine, Reset, Reinvent in a Disruptive World.

    a memoir titled Radical Reinvention on a coffee table

    34. And lastly, this super innovative light therapy sleep mask from Lumos, for anyone who wants this Stanford University-backed product that ensures you'll have the best naps ever.

    man sleeping on a blue pillow wearing a sleep mask

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