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    15 People Are Definitely NOT BFFs With Their Boss

    These make me uncomfortable.

    1. This girl used her boss' clapback against them:

    2. And so do this guy:

    3. This guy's boss would tell his contacts he was bad at his job:

    4. This guy definitely didn't win over his boss with this text (he was fired):

    5. And this guy accidentally called his boss "wife":

    6. This girl did this...

    Perks of having the same job as your best friend 🤪🤪

    ...and her boss didn't approve:

    7. And same with this Chuck E. Cheese employee:

    Update : I got fired lmao

    8. This girl's boss was FED UP:

    9. This girl's boss did not appreciate her joke:

    I showed my boss this tweet and he said, "I don't get it." His name is literally Matt.

    10. This girl's boss printed out her tweets about customers and was fired:

    11. This boss sent his employee this shady text:

    12. And this boss was just petty AF:

    13. This guy responded to his boss' rude email with this:

    14. This boss did the unthinkable to his employee's chicken:

    15. And finally, this boss had zero sympathy: