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15 People Who Are Living In 3018 While We're Stuck In 2018

LOL @ the kid using chopsticks to avoid Cheetos fingers.

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2. These gamers, who rearranged the screen for optimal gaming:

“Changing the FIFA cam end-to-end and having a flat monitor will be like table football” wtf we doin dudes


5. And Seth Rogen, who is smoking in the most 3018 way:

Who knew @Sethrogen was a scientist💨💨💨

6. This kid, who uses chopsticks to avoid Cheetos fingers:

My boy @MiltMiltLu out here living in 3018 🤯🥢🔥

7. This boyfriend, who used the mouthpiece from the Speak Out game for optimal flossing:


9. This guy, who cuts his bushes with a lawnmower:

We’re living in 2018 but Bubba’s living in 3018

12. This ice cream eater:

Mf is living in the year 3018... but also, what that mouth do? 😏


13. This queso connoisseur:

15. And last but not least, this inventive traveler:

when your brother has the car 😂