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15 Dudes That Honestly Need To Chill The Fuck Out


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1. This student:

2. Whoever did this:

3. This guy, who DMed 39 girls at once by accident:

4. This fuckboy:

5. This guy, who messaged a girl's father asking to talk to her:

6. This guy, who can't spell thighs:

7. This presumptuous dude:

8. This disrespectful son:

How do I get my self out of this one 😭

9. This consistent creep:

The most consistent thing in my life over the past 8 years x

10. And this clever creep:

11. This guy, who fucked up:

12. And this guy, who fucked twice:

13. This dramatic dad:

14. And this oblivious fella:

15. And last but not least, this guy, who was apparently talking to someone named Jazz:

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