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    13 People Who Failed And Had A Pretty Horrendous Week

    The Bow Wow rejection...

    Fails are legit my favorite part of the internet. They're just mesmerizing and hilarious and perfect. Here are some of the best from this week.

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    1. This wrestler's rejection of Bow Wow:

    You can’t afford me Bow. Thanks but no thanks.

    Twitter: @Jade_Cargill

    2. This non-festive moment:

    how halloween is celebrated in australia 💀

    Twitter: @ycsm1n

    3. This fail on both sides:

    Twitter: @insultsrare

    4. This interaction:

    Twitter: @tragicbirdapp

    5. This remorseless delivery driver:

    Deliveroo driver has gone rogue this morning

    Twitter: @BodyBagnall

    6. And this driver with a good memory:

    Not this Uber eats driver texting me “it’s you again”….

    Twitter: @sophiawpelton

    7. This Katy Perry sparkler struggle:

    Katy Perry puts out a sparkler with her hand in recent video.

    Twitter: @BuzzingPop / Via Instagram: @katyperry

    8. This logic:

    asked a patient at work today if they were vaccinated. “Why are you asking me that’s against hipaa?” Ma’am this is your doctor’s office what do you mean

    Twitter: @tdubbzholla

    9. This "treat" fail:

    Twitter: @AgBioWorld

    10. This treat option:

    Offering kids the choice of candy or a potato this year because I saw a meme about it. And honestly it’s super funny to see their reactions.

    Twitter: @jana_pruden

    11. And these:

    Twitter: @CellinThis

    12. This haul:

    Twitter: @bunsenbernerbmd

    13. And lastly, this fail from Kim Kardashian:

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