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    17 Hilarious Fails From This Week

    The tattoo...NO.

    1. This Burger King memo:

    2. This TikTok fail:

    I just saw a girl on tiktok say she blacked out after 3 white claws and I am fundamentally convinced that no American has ever actually been drunk

    3. This fire fail:

    Not my sister stripping while the house on fire......I can’t breathe

    4. This weather fail:

    5. This mask moment:

    So my university provided us with masks

    6. This son's apple appetite:

    My son taking 1 bite out of each individual apple 😑

    7. This CVS moment:

    Yesterday the nurse at the CVS walk-in clinic asked me who my primary care physician was and I’m like baby I’m at the CVS walk in clinic, it is clearly you

    8. This husband's fail:

    A husband texting his wife saying the doctor charged them twice, not realizing it's because they have twins

    9. This bizarre backpack situation:

    This backpack floats on your back to lighten your load.

    10. This fail for Walgreens, but ultimate win for viewers:

    11. This costume catastrophe:

    I went to Spirit Halloween's Website and this is the only 'Men's' costume labeled "sexy". Men...I have some news for you

    12. This unexplained viral photo:

    this pic has me absolutely losing it. what words?! what does it mean????? ???? what

    13. This extra Xbox message:

    14. This oxymoron:

    15. This adorable fail:

    This is exactly what 2020 feels like.

    16. This interaction with Michael Jordan's son about his crappy internet:

    Bro your dad is michael jordan

    How TF that’s gone help my internet rn 🤨😑

    17. And lastly, this Mom's doll fail:

    I opened a drawer and screamed. Mum goes ‘Oh that’s Maureen’.

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