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    Updated on Oct 24, 2019. Posted on Oct 21, 2019

    13 Hilarious Fails Of The Week

    "I'm jealous of your heart."

    1. This liquor store trip fail:

    stopped by the liquor store for a bottle of wine after a 9-hour workday and as i was bending over to grab a bottle from the bottom shelf the entire ass of my overalls ripped wide open. cheek to cheek. heard someone say "oh my god" and "noooo she's wearing a thong"

    2. This engagement photo fail:

    So me and Alyssa took our engagements pictures yesterday. She found a Pinterest picture that she wanted to try and recreate . . . I botched it

    3. This dad fail by Jerry O'Connell:

    Thought for sure there was no school today. I was wrong. Better 3 1/2 hours late than never. #TigerDad

    4. This Gradient app fail:

    5. This sneaking out fail:

    me “sneaking” out everybody, just thought the world should see this

    6. This college football fail:

    Wow Oklahoma maybe you should stop running the horses and wagon on the field. #fail

    7. This scooter fail:

    8. This fake ID fail:

    Police said the 20-year-old pulled out his wallet and as he searched through it, officers could see the fake Hawaii ID card with the name “McLovin” and a birthdate of June 3, 1981.

    9. This wedding theme fail:

    straight people: gay marriage is an embarrassment to marriage! also straight people:

    10. This wrong text fail:

    i accidentally texted my mom “hi my name is mary and i miss my tall big dick boyfriend”

    11. This Grindr fail:

    12. This Hinge fail:

    13. And lastly, this nightmare of a Tinder fail:

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