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    Updated on Jul 16, 2020. Posted on Jul 13, 2020

    13 Hilarious Fails From This Week

    Why does no one know how to make/eat pizza?

    1. This mom fail:

    you snitching on your son ????

    2. This snack-sneaking fail:

    Lil mama pretended to act sleep when she got caught stealing snacks😩😂😂

    3. This job fail:

    4. This reference fail:

    I started vegetable gardening last fall, and when quarantine hit I felt positively psychic. However, I JUST realized that for months I've been telling people I feel like "Nosferatu" when I meant "Nostradamus" and not one person corrected me. Unsure how to feel about this?

    5. This healthy pizza fail:

    Living with healthy people is exhausting. They said “we’re making pizza for everyone tonight!” And this is the “pizza” for “everyone” where is the rest?

    6. This compliment fail:

    *getting ready* My bf: you look really hot Me: aw thank you My bf: what? Me: what did you just say? My bf: the water is really hot

    7. This shoe fail:

    These look like glade plug ins

    8. This emoji fail:

    I’m a pretty flirty texter to everyone, but I think I may have crossed the line when I accidentally sent the smooch emoji to my landlord. 😘

    9. This pizza fail:


    10. And this one, too:

    11. This counterfeit fail:

    My dumb ass really accepted this fake $10 bill I’m crying I’m getting fired

    12. And this one, too:

    @kylie_gender Meanwhile my coworker accepted this it was literally printed on paper

    13. And lastly, this Facebook fail:

    Someone needs to have a word with Cheryl .

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