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    17 Bad But Funny Fails From This Week

    FYI: WW3 doesn't stand for Wendy Williams' third album.

    1. This Golden Globes fail:

    Patricia Arquette accidentally hit me in the head with her Golden Globe. That sentence will give me bragging rights for the rest of my life. @PattyArquette

    2. This vet visit fail:

    For a couple of days my cat had been showing signs of dying, not drinking, not eating, sleeping and hiding. So I go to the vets today and the vet straight up said. “He looks like he got into a fight and he’s depressed he lost, his vitals are fine”. I CANT WITH THIS CAT LMAOO

    3. And this wig misplacement fail:

    4. This investigative fail:

    Anyone recognise this hair? Found it on my man’s pillow

    5. This Netflix suggestion fail:

    It’s like they’re a high school bully

    6. This hospital visitation fail:

    throwback to when she ended up in the hospital. sorry but grind don’t stop for no one gram 🤑

    7. This breakfast fail:

    Anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?

    8. This fashion fail:

    Why them pants look like that one soccer ball everyone has but doesn't know where it's from

    9. This Facebook fail:

    A 28 year old woman I know got married over the holidays and labeled her wedding album on facebook "better late than never."

    10. This sale fail:

    11. This pickup line fail:

    Woke up to an American asking me out with a very cheesy pick up line while our countries are about to go to war lmao

    12. This misunderstanding fail:

    oomf thought WW3 stood for wendy williams’ 3rd album...

    13. This final grade fail:

    @yahyalazani Mood, this was after my “final” grade on canvas was 93% but then he changed the final grade on the official transcript to 89.99%, academic life is the best 😌✊

    14. This tomato fail:

    15. This dating fail:

    I'm at a drag night at the pub with the guy I've been seeing who refuses to put a label on it and the drag queen shouts "who here's single??" and the guy I'm with fucking cheers. How's your Sunday???

    16. This Omegle fail:

    omegle is an interesting place to say the least.

    17. And finally, this Twitter fail:

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