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People Are Sharing Their "F— This Job, I Quit" Moments, And Wowzers These Are A Lot


On Friday, Reddit user u/ragingbull955 asked people, "When did you go 'Fuck this job' and quit?" People shared stories of straight-up awful managers, bosses, and customers who made them quit.

An sticky note that says I quit! stuck to a computer keyboard

Here are some of the best — aka worst — moments:

1. This quiet quitter:

"I was a supervisor at a Dollar General Market. I walked out this past May. I was making $9.75 an hour...worked there for two years, got promoted, came in on days off, worked all the holidays, moved around departments as needed. I worked there through the toilet paper wars and ensuing year of COVID. EVERYONE began walking out. We lost eight people in two weeks. I asked for a raise. I then begged for a raise. I just wanted $11/hr. They wouldn't give it to me. So, I walked in one evening, asked who my cashiers and crew were for the shift, and was told it was just me and a manager. I didn't make a scene. I just quietly took off my name tag, set down my keys, and walked out of the store." 


2. This entitled customer situation:

"My last job working customer service. I was working for a major rental car company. Guy calls in in full meltdown mode because the car that he picked up didn't have a push button start. That's right. The car he was given was a key start. Apparently this was the end of the world for him. Quit after that call and have never worked customer service since. Now in a quiet little data entry role for an insurance company and couldn't be happier." 


3. This penny pincher manager:

"I nearly quit over 26¢ in fast food. I was teaching someone, taking an order, and making the food at the same time. I accidentally applied a wrong coupon that was 26¢ off. My manager told me I had to pay that, and I said, 'I’m gonna keep making this drink because that’s what I want to do, but if you make me pay that 26¢ while I’m busting my ass up here, I’m walking out."


A barista wearing a face mask putting an order in on the computer

4. This randomly rude manager:

"I’ve been WAITING for someone to ask this. My first job was a McDonald's near my house, and I used to work kitchen and cleaning hours. A day before quitting, I had to clean after 25+ DRUNK AND HIGH dudes and gals who decided to order somewhere in the ball park of 150+ meals for themselves, and decided to just not clean up anything at all. They even left their own beer bottles and joints everywhere at 10:30 p.m. I was told the day after that they wanted to fire me, for no reason. I quit on the spot and packed my shit. Worst experience ever." 


5. This anti-WFH manager:

"I stayed home to take care of my wife because she was sick and couldn't get out of bed. I texted my boss, ‘I’m going to take my wife to the doctor real quick and then work from home to look after her.’ Boss texts me to call him and says, ‘It’s great you want to take care of your wife, but you have to learn that she is an adult and can take care of herself.’ Quit the next day.”


6. This anti-overtime manager:

"Worked at a furniture store after moving to a bigger city. They told me it was $10/hr., which wasn't great, but it was something. Worked about 47 hours my first week and 45 the next week, and I was pretty excited to be getting some OT pay. But when I got my pay stub, there was no overtime on there. I asked the manager, and he said, 'You don't get overtime pay.' Told him this was never discussed in the hiring process, and he said it should've been and if I don't like it I can leave. So I took off my work shirt and walked out of there shirtless." 


Three people having a conversation as two of them sit on a couch and browse a magazine

7. This unsupportive HR team:

"My prison guard job. I was having nightmares and various mental health issues stemming from the things I witnessed that I wanted to get therapy for. I asked HR to help me find support, and they decided instead to take an unannounced month-long vacation. I asked my security head for help, and he essentially mocked me. So, I went and found therapy on my own dime; then the prison found out (unclear how, though I suspect my ex was involved) and put me on indefinite leave. I responded by resigning."


8. This loyal coworker:

"My boss yelled at my coworker for something he didn't do — made him cry on the sales floor. So, I went up to my boss and yelled in his face, got sent home, and never came back. Found out later that everyone in the department quit after they found out how we got treated. The entire team quit."


9. This heartbreaking career:

"Three days working in a set of immediate place homes for kids who had been taken from their families and put into foster care. I’m a kind, loving, and caring person. I wanted to take every kid home, and seeing the incompetence of the system and my inability to literally do ANYTHING made me leave. I wish I could handle it, but I cried every day, and I still cry about those kids."


10. This clever quit:

"I was 18 years old and asked for a week off in two weeks. They said no. I said, 'OK, I quit, and my last day will be in two weeks.' Not a meltdown quit, but I really needed that time off."


Three people going over plans

11. This inappropriate boss:

"I was told that my work hours would be 8:30–5:30. Instead, I learned that the expectation was for everyone to stay until at least 7 p.m. every night — with 9 p.m. finish times occurring on a regular basis. I was trying to convince myself to stick the job out until I found a new one; then I learned my boss had given my personal mobile number to clients so they could call me whenever they want. I quit eight days in."


12. This unsafe environment:

"My job was threatened because I was fighting to keep COVID safety measures in place to keep my employees feeling safe. I quit."


13. And lastly, this irresponsible boss:

"I left a job working in corrections after 8.5 years because of one shitty sergeant. He was promoted by the newly elected sheriff but was horribly unqualified for the job. In his infinite wisdom, he decided to allow an inmate’s wife and co-defendant into the jail to change bandages on the inmate's body, rather than make our medical staff do it (because she didn’t want to) or send him to wound clinic to have it done (because we’d lose an officer for an hour or so). I was instructed to escort the wife to the inmate so she could change his bandages, and I refused to do it. I was suspended for three days. The night before I was to return to work, I turned in all of my gear and left."


Have you ever had an "I QUIT!" moment? Let me know in the comments below!

Responses edited for length/clarity.