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Employers Are Sharing Bonkers "Do You Have Any Questions" Questions They've Gotten During Interviews

"Is it possible to try the job for two weeks — to see if I like it?"

OK, you know how employers ask, "Do you have any questions for me?" during job interviews. Well, turns out, sometimes people ask pretty bizarre questions.

On Friday, Reddit user @AeonArcore asked, "Employers of Reddit, what's the most memorable 'Do you have any questions' question you've received in an interview?'"

1. When the applicant wants immediate feedback:

"The first question he was asked was, 'How was my interview?' Openly asking for feedback to improve sent a good message." — AeonArcore

2. Even if it's bad:

"[They asked], 'Do you have any hesitation in hiring me today?'" — wickedc0ntender

3. When they don't read the job description:

"I was interviewing a young woman for an engineering position. She said she had an engineering degree, had recently graduated, and had no experience. I would have hired her, until she asked, 'Is there any math involved? I'm not very good in math.'" — BPP1943

4. At all:

"We were interviewing candidates for a software developer job. One of the applicants asked how much computer use was involved." — Outrageous_Disk

5. When they already ask about leaving early:

"[They asked], 'How often would I be able to leave early?'" — PhydeauxFido

6. When the applicant is low-key a badass:

"Most memorable would be when the person I was interviewing asked me, 'If another company offered you the same salary for the same job to quit and come work for them, would you take it and why/why not?'" — PhydeauxFido

7. When they don't know what "entry-level" means:

"A fresh-out-of school kid with no experience interviewed at a high-tech company and asked 'How many people will I be managing?' Not sure what he thought ‘entry-level position’ meant." — Finnerite

8. When they want a trial:

“[They asked], 'Is it possible to try the job for two weeks — to see if I like it?' That one kinda baffled me. She didn't want to take another job and quit early because it would look bad on her resume." — shadyotter

9. When they're probably not ready for a job:

"[They asked], 'Do you regularly drug test?'" — PhydeauxFido

10. When their question is out of nowhere:

“[An applicant] asked and said, 'At what point do we protest vaccinations?' I looked at my superior who was stunned. They were not hired." — my-own-grandfather

11. When they wanna make sure the pay is good:

"I was interviewing a young engineer for an engineering position. He said he had an engineering degree and several engineering jobs in two years. He asked me, 'How much will you pay me? My other bosses never paid me what I'm worth.'" — BPP1943

12. As well as the vacation time:

"Had someone ask how soon he could take paid leave after being hired. I hadn’t even really finished the interview or gone over the benefits package yet. Plus, this is not what you want to hear as you are hiring for the busiest time of year." — aisored224

13. When they want a decision ASAP:

They asked, "'When can I expect your answer?'" and got the job.

In conclusion, job interviews are tough. Ask the RIGHT questions. YOU GOT THIS!