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    19 People Who Have A Less-Than-Cordial Relationship With Their Boss

    These make me uncomfortable.

    1. This girl used her boss's clapback against them:

    i’ve been waiting so long to say this

    2. And so did this guy:

    mann i been waiting to hit her with this 😂😂

    A boss asking an employee to come in early, and the employee says "No, see you at 4"

    3. This guy whose boss told his contacts he was bad at his job:

    @ChrisCaesar @waskov6 one of my newsroom bosses would tell my contacts I was a shite journo who couldn't be trusted, so they should give their stories to him

    Twitter: @michaelbodey

    4. This girl did this...

    Perks of having the same job as your best friend 🤪🤪

    ...and her boss didn't approve:

    An employee on Twitter updating everyone she got fired for messing around with a shopping cart

    5. This boss and employee had a horrifically awkward interaction:

    one time my boss went for a high five but i hugged her. i had no idea she just wanted to high five. this was almost 3 years ago and it haunts me to this day.

    6. This girl's boss did not appreciate her joke:

    I showed my boss this tweet and he said, "I don't get it." His name is literally Matt.

    7. This girl's boss printed out her tweets about customers and was fired:

    A boss prints out worker's tweets, one saying, "hate customers hope they all die"

    8. This boss sent his employee this shady text:

    A boss asking a worker if he's sober

    9. This commenter's boss was just downright out-of-touch:

    "Years ago, my city had a major flood, and my neighborhood was hit very hard. People drowned. My apartment flooded. I told my boss I had to miss my shift to deal with the aftermath and he said, 'Wouldn't you rather be here than dealing with that?' No, my life is falling apart — I don't want to seat people at your shitty restaurant." — cyberfemme

    10. And this boss was just petty AF:

    @ChrisCaesar I got a citation in my employee file at Red Robin because I told my boss that Bob Marley did not sing Red Red Wine.

    11. This guy responded to his boss's rude email with this:

    When the hot straight boss sends me a rude email on the weekend:

    A worker calling out their boss' rude email with a Tiffany Pollard gif

    12. This boss freaked out for the dumbest reason:

    When my boss called me up on speaker phone and *screamed* at me *for 30 minutes* because a link on our website stopped working.

    13. This boss made her employee do this strange setup:

    @ChrisCaesar An assistant at a magazine I worked at had to inflate her boss’s yoga ball (i.e. desk chair). She’d be on her knees pumping while her boss stood w/ her hand on the ball deciding if it needed more air/dismissing her once it was optimally firm. Office walls were glass too.

    Twitter: @RyanLostinTX

    14. This boss had zero sympathy:

    bro my coworker starts crying bc her boyfriend broke up w her (thru text) & my manager gon say “that’s why we stay off our phones @ work” LMFAAAAOOOO shordy ain’t shit 😭

    Twitter: @ollietttaa

    15. This boss was like, "HELLO!?!?!?" when their employee was zoned out:

    im in a zoom meeting rn and apparently my mic has been unmuted the whole time and all my coworkers have been hearing me watch hyunjin's live and APPARENTLY my boss has been calling my name for the past 2 minutes but I've been too absorbed in the live to notice IM GONNACRY

    16. This zookeeper kinda broke the first rule of zoo-keeping:

    When I was working in the Zoo, my boss fired me just because I left a lion's gate opened. I mean, who would steal a lion? 😏😏

    17. This boss sent a really uninviting invitation:

    (Since I literally wasn’t but the new girl and the schedule girl were) and that I was upset. My boss then sent me this. Am I being dramatic or is this rlly rude and passive aggressive of my boss to send me over that?? Maybe I’m just sensitive but it rlly rubbed me the wrong way

    18. This boss — I don't even know what they're talking about — sent a text with a bunch of periods and it's stressful AF to me:

    love it when my boss makes passive-aggressive comments to me like a childish girlfriend 🥰

    19. And lastly, this boss was super straight-up:

    A boss simply texting someone "Fired"

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