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    May 3, 2020

    18 People Who Said Suck It To Those Who Doubted Them

    "Be as petty as you like."

    Writer Frederick Joseph asked people to share a time that they proved someone wrong who doubted them. "Be as petty as you like," he said.

    Name a time you proved someone wrong who doubted you. Be as petty as you like.

    Here are some of the inspiring, petty, and awesome responses.



    @FredTJoseph My ex told me I would never amount to anything & I could learn a thing or to about drive from his “friend”. Four years ago the “friend” he cheated on me with came to interview for a job. With me.






    @FredTJoseph Won a Grammy for a song my A&R told me would never see the light of day🙃





    @FredTJoseph My husband waited 10 years to tell me: his dad thought I was only marrying him for his family's money. (My husband drove a 79 Bronco in 2003.🙄) 15yrs & 4 kids later, I'm still here. The only money they gave us was gifts. <3


    @FredTJoseph My High School counselor back in the early 80s advised me against a career in computers. She said there was no future in it.



    @FredTJoseph While in nursing school, my boss at the hospital where I worked told me she didn’t know why I was going to nursing school, I would never make it. When I finished nursing school, I applied for nursing supervisor, got the job, and became her boss. She quit soon after.


    @FredTJoseph My little brother and cousin made fun of me for testing into a remedial algebra class when I returned to school at 29 so I dropped my major, transferred to Columbia, and am graduating next year with a degree in statistics/mathematics


    @FredTJoseph I had a idea to sell notebooks. I asked my brother if he would help me. He said he didn’t think the idea would take off. In 24 hours I sold over 8,000.


    @FredTJoseph A prominent researcher once told me that my work was pointless and no one would care about. 5 years later, I've created a multidisciplinary research team for the subject, am finishing my PhD in the field, am and have presented at national conferences.


    @FredTJoseph I dropped out of college after 1 semester cause I was immature & didn’t have a purpose . My grandma said I wasn’t shit & ruined HER reputation. Wouldn’t speak to me for years. 6 years later, I graduated. She didn’t get to see me walk. she wasn’t invited. I majored in petty.

    YAS, YAS, YAS. Now, you go out and prove all the naysayers wrong. You got this!

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