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    Dylan Sprouse's Girlfriend Claims He Cheated On Her And People Are Like WTF

    "When you find out your bf cheated on you..."

    Ok, you know Dylan Sprouse.

    Rich Fury / Getty Images

    Well, he dated model Dayna Frazer for three years.

    But now, it looks like they've broken up.


    Yup! She's deleted all traces of him on her Insta and posted this picture of her crying to her Insta story, captioned, "When you find out your bf cheated on you lol."

    If it's true, this sucks. Like, come on, Dylan.


    Obviously, people are in a state of WHAT THE FUCK.

    first chris pratt and anna faris, now dylan sprouse is a cheater on his gf of 3 years??? love is over.

    Guys, Dylan sprouse cheated on his long term gf. Im in my five stages of grief and i think im in denial rn so um...…

    Both Dayna and Dylan have not commented further on the situation. Let's just hope it's not what it looks like.

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      He definitely did! Poor Dayna.
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      He would never.
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      We shouldn't judge.

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