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Non-Americans On TikTok Are Sharing The Dumbest Things Americans Have Said To Them And Wow, Just Wow


Earlier this week, TikTok user @voidable_ asked people, "What is the dumbest thing an American has said to you?"

The answers were just WOW. I have no words. Here's how people responded:

1. "I remember getting into a fight with an American who was convinced America had 40 states. Keep in mind, he's American. There are 50."


2. "Is it true you don't celebrate Christmas in the UK?"


3. "They believed that Paris was the capital of Italy."



4. "A teacher asked me if they have a government in Puerto Rico, even though she said she lived there for one year."


5. "I'm Irish, and I've had more than one American tell me my English is really good for an Irish person."


6. "When I first moved to the US from Saudi Arabia, a waitress named Ashley asked me if it snows in Islam."


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7. "I had to explain to a 47-year-old that we don't live in the future and time zones are a thing, and we couldn't β€” even if we wanted to β€” warn them about Pearl Harbor or 9/11."


8. "This guy said Bali is in Indonesia, which is correct, but he also said that Indonesia is in India."


9. "My sixth-grade teacher asked me to count some money, and this one kid said that I only knew how to count in Spanish."



10. "Driver asked me, 'Do you drive to the Dominican Republic? Is it far?'"


11. "I'm from Boricua. This guy asked me if I got here by plane or car."


12. "Why don't they build a staircase down to the water at Slieve League in Ireland?"


Slieve League
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13. "When's December for you?"


14. "Wait, other countries have presidents too? I thought it was just an American thing?"


15. "I have a foreign ID, and my date of birth is written as 18/04/95, and I had someone ask me once, 'You guys have 18 months in your country?'"


Yep, I'm at a loss for words too. Have you ever gotten asked a really dumb question like these? Let me know in the comments below!


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