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    Diplo Posted A Picture Of His Erection And The Comment Section Is Great

    "So this is what Mike Posner meant when he said he took a pill in Ibiza."

    You know Diplo.

    He's a DJ, an Instagram comment legend, and also a bizarre social media user.

    Well, he lived up to that reputation when he posted this Instagram of him with (what seems like) an erection.

    "I've been all over God's green earth, and nothing excites me more than the raw beauty of nature," he captioned the photo.



    Celebs' comments on the pic were great:

    Even Lindsay Lohan loved it 👀:

    And I'm sure you figured there wood (sorry) be some more boner jokes by others:

    Yep. Well, you clicked on it. Until his next bizarre post, bye y'all!