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Christina Applegate Posted DMs She Received About Her Appearance At The Critics Choice Awards, And It's Disgusting

"I made the unfortunate decision to look at some comments."

Obviously, you know TV legend, icon, and queen Christina Applegate. She's known for her roles in Married...with Children, Bad Moms, and most recently, Dead to Me.

Christina sitting cross-legged in front of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with her hands on the plaque

Recently, the 51-year-old actor revealed that last year, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), which ultimately made filming Dead to Me super challenging.

A close-up of Christina smiling and wearing a lace outfit at a red carpet event

Christina told Kelly Clarkson, "To be honest, being diagnosed with MS last year and what had happened to my body, to my mind, to my spirit, to my everything, of course I didn't want to be around anyone or talk about it."

Christina and Kelly on a split screen during their interview

Well, the Emmy-nominated actor recently attended the Critics Choice Awards, as she was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy Series for Dead to Me.

Christina at the Critics Choice Awards in a dark pantsuit

After the show, Christina said she did something we all know never leads to a good time — she read the comments.

She reached out to one of the commenters on Instagram, and then the troll doubled down with their hateful comments. "I told her it wasn't nice," Christina wrote on Twitter.

She then shared a screenshot of the troll's reply, which read: "MS didn't make you look that way. A plastic surgeon did," the person wrote. "A bad plastic surgeon at that."

Sooooo I made the unfortunate decision to look at some comments on an article from people mag about me and my kids at the CCA.Of course I told her that it wasn’t nice. This was her reply.What is wrong with people. By the way, I laughed.

Twitter: @1capplegate

"By the way, I laughed," Christina added. Still, it's really just disgusting that people think it's normal to talk to people like this. Especially strangers.

Christina hugging Julia Roberts as they pose for a photograph

Christina, keep doing you. You're amazing. And don't read the comments! Bye!