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    Chris Pratt Posted A Pict Of His Naked Sunburnt Body And It's Hot In Multiple Ways


    You know Chris Pratt. He's beauteous, and hilarious, and amazing.

    Well, even beauteous and hilarious and amazing people get sunburned, I guess.

    Which, like, who knew because I thought hot people didn't really suffer.

    Anyway, he posted a picture of his naked, SUNBURNT x1000 body and whew, it's hot. In multiple ways.

    Ok, here it is (Also it's NSFW, if you're at work):

    The suburn is making me like, " and painful." But seeing Chris Pratt like this is making me like, ""

    We stan his body, his sunburn, and this Instagram in general.

    Turns out, I wasn't the only one thirsting for their life.

    Yep. Honestly though: Wear sunblock, stay hydrated this summer, and stay thirsty. Bye!