Casino Workers Are Sharing Secrets Of Casinos And It's Super Fascinating

    These secrets are the jackpot.

    On Saturday, Reddit user u/LilKoolaid03 asked casino workers to share some secrets. They came through with some interesting tidbits — from behind the scenes info to small tricks used to keep people gambling and spending money.

    Here's what they said:

    1. "What we don't want you to know is how many people die in our hotels. Gamblers are risk-takers by nature — people come to casinos to tear it up. We bus in seniors by the thousands. Drugs and alcohol, nonstop consumption of cigarettes, lights, noise, spectacle!"


    2. "Slot machines are created by teams of mathematicians in a way that will always favor the casino, but at the end of the day are still purely up to luck."


    3. "At the majority of casinos, they will state that there's a house advantage either posted on the walls or on the slot machines themselves."


    People standing around a craps table

    4. "If anything, the casinos want the average gambler to continue believing there's some secret to winning that we don't want to tell them, because as long as you believe there's a secret that you might find out one day, you'll continue gambling trying to find that secret winning strategy — and spending your money."


    5. "Casino dealers are actually your friends and are on your side. The dealer actually wants you to win and the casino to lose, and is incentivized to feel this way because then they get a bigger tip."


    6. "The slots are on a network, so that if any machine hits for any amount, that counts for the percent payout they advertise."


    7. "'Mechanical' slots are cosmetic. The same hardware and software run them."


    8. "Casinos have no windows and no clocks so you won't notice how long you've been there gambling."


    9. "You can actually get in trouble if you hang a clock where it is possible a guest might see it."


    10. "If you win $10 million in one night, the casino would have already made 5x that amount by midnight."


    11. "The casinos are only surface cleaned."


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    12. "I did work at a casino almost 20 years ago. Back in the day, when casinos weren't as regulated, if someone would cheat or count cards, they'd get dragged in the back and beaten."


    13. "After we reopened during the pandemic, the most common form of payment being used were the unemployment cards. I can’t tell you the amount of times people have told me they gambled their rent away."



    14. "They tend to keep the temperature at a constant temperature (I think it's around 70 degrees). The one I currently work at uses a technology that pulls the smoke straight up from the smokers to the filters, so you could be sitting a few feet from a smoker and barely smell it, if at all. I think it's a negative ionization system or something like that. For it to work, the air must constantly be moving and replaced with fresh air."


    15. "Grown adults will wear diapers and poop and pee themselves because they don't want to give up their slot machines."


    Have y'all heard any other casino secrets? Let me know in the comments below!