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13 Times Black Celebrities Called Out Disrespectful Interviewers

Sometimes the questions interviewers ask and the things they say are truly not OK — which is why I am glad these celebs confronted them when it happened to them.

Some interviewers used to really come out of left field with the things they would ask/say to Black celebrities. Here are 13 times the celebs weren't havin' it:

1. When Katie Couric asked an invasive question about trans model Carmen Carrera's genitalia, and Laverne Cox stepped in to educate Katie:

Laverne said "the preoccupation with transition and surgery objectifies trans people. Then, we don't get to deal with the real, lived experiences"

2. When Diane Sawyer asked Whitney Houston how much she weighed...

And Whitney said this:

3. When Mariah Carey clapped back at Rosie O'Donnell because she said she was dressed "trampy":

Mariah said "If I want to show my body in a dress, I'm gonna show it"

4. When this interviewer asked Mariah — the greatest vocalist of all time — if she planned on using backing tracks, implying she lip-synchs her songs:

5. When Simone Biles had the best response to being told to smile more in her post-dance interview:

Simone said "Smiling doesn't win you gold medals"

6. When Rashida Jones was asked how she got so tan:

Rashida said "I mean, I'm ethnic. It's just what being ethnic, that's what it is"

7. When Charlamagne tha God was super rude to Lil Mama and then they had this intense exchange:

Charlamagne says Lil Mama has an old face, and she replies "Y'all gotta see this guy's face, looks like somebody stomped it"

8. When Beyoncé wasn't here for Wendy Williams repeatedly referring to Destiny's Child as "Beyoncé and the Girls":

Beyonce says "Can you please not call us Beyonce and the girls? That is an insult to Kelly and Michelle"

9. And when Whitney got upset with Wendy's questioning too:

Wendy asks if there's drug use going on, and Whitney replies "Who are you talking to? You're not talking to me. Don't ask me no questions like I'm a child"

10. When Rihanna was asked a question about whether she was dating Ashton Kutcher, instead of her acting role in Battleship:

11. And again, when Rihanna shut down this reporter who wanted to know about her dating life:

The reporter asks how frustrating it is being romantically linked to male stars, and Rihanna responds "almost as frustrating as being asked about it"

12. When Nicki Minaj called out The Breakfast Club hosts for pretending they listened to her album before interviewing her:

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The Breakfast Club

"Y'all need to start listening to people's music," Nicki told the hosts. "Why don't y'all have the songs queued up?"

13. And lastly, when Samuel L. Jackson called out this interviewer for confusing him with Laurence Fishburne:

Samuel says "We don't all look alike. You're an entertainment reporter and you don't know the difference between me and Laurence Fishburne?"

What do you think of these moments? Let me know in the comments below!

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