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    Grown-Ass Adults, Please Stop Body-Shaming Billie Eilish

    It's getting weird...

    You obviously know the incredibly talented, Grammy-winning queen Billie Eilish.

    Well, on Tuesday, Page Six published an article titled, "Billie Eilish shows some skin and more star snaps," which featured this photo:

    Billie running errands in LA

    The photo of Billie set off a wave of critiques, commentary, and discussion about Billie's body.

    Billie has spoken out previously about body-shamers. In her short film, Not My Responsibility, she called out trolls and body-obsessed people, saying, "Would you like me to be smaller? Weaker? Softer? Taller? Do my shoulders provoke you?"

    Lyrics to Billie's "Not My Responsibility"

    Still, the internet can be an awful place, and body-shamers continued to do what they do and be awful.

    Fans on Twitter quickly came to Billie's defense:

    Body-shaming Billie Eilish is the main reason she wears baggy clothes. This shit is just weird and objectively wrong. She looks beautiful and most importantly, healthy. Let people develop confidence...

    offending and mocking billie eilish's body won't make your life any less pathetic and lonely.

    All bodies deserve to be celebrated no matter the shape or size. Kudos to Billie Eilish for being comfortable in her own skin. Suck on that haters

    Leave Billie Eilish and her body alone fuckin weirdos

    there is nothing greater in this world than billie eilish being confident in her body, we saw her growing and everything and i feel more than like a proud mom

    billie eilish doesn’t give a fuck what you think about her she already knows she’s that bitch

    After the photo was published, Billie posted this Instagram, captioned, "Do you really wanna go back in time?"

    And she seemingly addressed the fact that she was trending by posting this video of YouTuber Chizi Duru on her story.

    The video is titled, "Can we normalize real bodies?" and in the short clip, Chizi said, "Y'all gotta start normalizing real bodies. Not everybody has a wagon behind them. OK? Guts are normal. Boobs sag — especially after breastfeeding. Instagram isn't real."

    Chizi saying Instagram isn't real.

    FACTS. Everyone needs to listen to Billie and Chizi — NORMALIZE REAL BODIES AND STOP CRITIQUING OTHERS'!