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    17 Of The Best Viral Messages Of The Month

    These crack me up.

    October is over, so of course a bunch of messages, comments, DMs, and more from the month have gone viral. Here are some of the best.

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    1. This revelation:

    These the type of messages I get on dating apps smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Twitter: @lexxluthaa

    2. This chain:

    Twitter: @blaireerskine

    3. This iconic moment:

    Twitter: @jmurffff

    4. This mom text:

    Twitter: @IsabelSteckel

    5. This employee text:

    finally stood up to my boss last night!!!

    Twitter: @AndieIsOnline

    6. This Snapchat saga:

    Bruh what the fuck am I reading rn 💀💀💀

    Twitter: @MemesMeccha

    7. This interaction:

    I commented “sexy” on this girls photo on Instagram and her boyfriend has just messaged me???? read the room

    Twitter: @itsharryw_

    8. This Red-themed sign:

    Twitter: @vkuznetsova13

    9. This short story:

    Me saying Me after the I’ll go out The first 2 days in a row Night

    Twitter: @Balegde_

    10. This bizarre message:

    This is the funniest dm i have ever gotten

    Twitter: @bigracks

    11. This shitty sign:

    Twitter: @beansormolly

    12. This bitter Betty:

    Twitter: @Davinaaiko

    13. This Tinder message:

    did not know if u click on a gif it immediately sends..

    Twitter: @dotjjpg

    14. This romantic monologue:

    And they say romance is dead

    Twitter: @winbmar

    15. This client's text:

    Twitter: @harriefloraIs

    16. This head's up:

    Twitter: @kristoferthomas

    17. And lastly, this drag:

    I can’t believe my Uber driver said this to me 😳😂

    Twitter: @LucilleKing_

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