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    People Are Sharing The Best Things To Ever Happen On Twitter And They Belong In Some Sort Of Hall Of Fame

    Yep, this is history.

    On Sunday, celeb news account @PopCrave asked people to share their favorite tweet/Twitter moment EVER in honor of the platform's 15th birthday. Obviously, there are SO many incredible moments every day, but none are really as iconic as the examples these people shared.

    In honor of @Twitter being founded 15 years ago today, what's your favorite moment on the social media platform?

    Twitter: @PopCrave

    Here are some of the best:

    1. When Lady Gaga clapped back at Adam Levine:

    Twitter: @andrealovesgaga

    2. When this person got their phone taken away and had to use their Wii:

    Twitter: @hrt_enjoyer

    3. When Lilly Wachowski dragged Ivanka Trump and Elon Musk:

    Twitter: @garydunion

    4. When Hulk Hogan thought Bam Margera died:

    Twitter: @sethisnotmyname
    @sethisnotmyname / Via Twitter: @sethisnotmyname

    5. When Britney Spears tweeted this about Lady Gaga:

    Twitter: @vosem

    6. When Ted Cruz liked porned on Twitter:

    7. When this NASA council member found an intern cursing on Twitter:

    Twitter: @EduPoser

    8. When Rihanna clapped back at Ciara:

    Twitter: @ch33rylips

    9. When Cher tweeted about Madonna:

    Twitter: @_stanqueen_

    10. When Donald Trump got suspended:

    Twitter: @c

    11. And then when someone made this parody account shortly after:

    12. When TLC gave an update on their Scrubs policy:

    Twitter: @darinfic

    13. When Lorde tweeted about this cab driver interaction:

    @PopCrave @Twitter when she was active

    Twitter: @r0yalef

    14. When Amanda Bynes tweeted this:

    Twitter: @morripravoce

    15. When this coffee shop shared this:

    Twitter: @beyonka_fierce

    16. When Jeremy Slater tweeted about the presidential debate:

    @PopCrave @Twitter post-presidential debate.

    Twitter: @capn_mel

    17. And lastly, when Mariah Carey got hacked:

    @PopCrave @Twitter It was a moment in time

    Twitter: @MoonlightRiah

    There you have it! If you have a favorite Twitter moment, let me know in the comments below!