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16 College Students Who Are Living In 3017 While We're Stuck In 2017

Being poor is hard work.

1. When you don't wanna wash plates:

2. Or bowls:

3. Or when you have to do the dishes and shower, but only have time for one:

Yall living in 2017 while this guy in 3017

4. Or when you just don't have a fork:

5. When you can't afford a cooler:

6. Or a colander:

7. When you want to ~nail~ the test:

8. When you use the dining hall for free stuff:

9. And when you just don't wanna walk to the dining hall to get a grilled cheese:

10. When you don't wanna buy a Brita:

11. Or a microwave.

12. When you wanna be festive but can't afford it:

13. When you turn on the charm to get free food:

14. When you want to set the mood with a fancy chandelier:

15. Or when you want to host a BBQ inside your dorm:

16. And worst of all — when you can't afford to buy new clothes: