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    Updated on Feb 20, 2019. Posted on Feb 19, 2019

    Ariana Grande Said She Supports BOTH Miley And Demi And There Are Receipts

    "She's my friend friend."

    It's pretty well known that Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus are friends. They've performed together:

    Miley texted Ariana some cat heart eye emojis after her breakup with Pete Davidson:

    Getty Images / Handout

    Well, one Twitter user randomly tweeted about Ari. The person said they don't like Ari because she openly supports Miley, but not Demi when Demi has "music out."

    Looks like Ari saw the tweet because she responded, saying, "I talk to her everyday, you psycho."

    She said a lot happens off the internet and that there's "so much love" between the two.

    Also, like, Ariana recently TWEETED that she loves Demi (not that that matters):

    "That itched me. She's my friend friend," Ariana added, responding to a fan.

    So to sum up: Ariana supports Demi. Ariana supports Miley. And we stan all three. Sound good? K good!

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