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This Is Why Ariana Grande Posted An Instagram About Dick Pics

I can't.

Ok, so I was on Insta this morning and saw Ariana Grande posted this Insta with text that read, "I showed you my dick pls respond."

I work at BuzzFeed and therefore should know all memes, but I wasn't familiar. So I reached out to my Gen Z friend, who was literally no help.


I then reached out to my other friend, who knows internet culture really well. They're rude and actually left me on seen.


So, because I'm a journalist, I did some research. According to, it's a meme that started in 2014 after a guy assumedly sent a girl a dick pic and she didn't answer. So he sent a follow-up:

Obviously, people started recreating the meme:

And now one of those people is ARIANA GRANDE.

Maybe she sent this to Pete????????????

Either way, she's queen of resurfacing memes...



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