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30 Little Things People Always Do That Make Other People's Jobs Harder

Featuring landscapers, dog groomers, nurses, and more!

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what little things people do at their jobs that make their jobs harder. Here's what they said.

1. Postal worker:

"People who put stuff in front of the mailbox, like trash cans and cars. We’re still required to deliver the mail, so it now involves turning off the truck, hopping out, and walking to the box, when you could just not put stuff right in the way."


2. Fast-food employee:

"I hate when people ring in to order and say, 'I don't know what to get; give me a second.'"


3. Landscaper:

"It's frustrating when people see us working but stay on the same side of the sidewalk that we're on. Just move over so we don't have to stop and shut down our equipment every time."



4. Casino worker:

"I work at a casino, and we all hate it when people ask us which machine is going to hit a jackpot. Why the fuck would I be working in a smoky-ass nasty loser factory if I had all the magic-money-machine answers?"


5. Credit union employee:

"Please don't complain when we ask for ID. It is done to protect your money."


6. Dog groomer:

"People, stop coming back early. Your dog is happy to see you. Your dog also needs me to wield sharp objects by its eyeballs. See how it might just be a bad idea? I will always, always call when they're done."


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7. Hospital security:

"There are too many times that we get called to a patient's room for visitor issues because the patient does not want visitors; however, they have posted their room numbers on social media."


8. Hardware store worker:

"I am female and work at a hardware store. At least once per shift, someone will ask me a question and not believe my answer and then ask one of my male coworkers."


9. Movie theater employee:

"We have a lot of people coming in on dates. It is the worst when a couple fights over who is going to pay, especially when there is a line. I don't give a shit who pays, as long as someone does!"


Antonio_Diaz / Getty Images

10. Teacher:

"I'm a fourth-grade teacher, and I hate when parents defend their child's poor behavior. Like, it's cool with you if Timmy throws a chair at another student for no reason? And even better, it's my fault?"


11. Receptionist:

"People call all the time to schedule an appointment, and I ask them when would work for them: 'Hold on, let me look.'"


12. Housekeeping:

"I hate when guests check into a room, lay all over the beds, use the restroom, and THEN decide they don’t like it and switch rooms. You couldn’t have decided that before you messed everything up?"


Jeff Greenberg / Jeff Greenberg / Universal Images / Via

13. Retail worker:

"As a former retail worker, I can say that the 'putting things back where you got them' thing is annoying. But it’s most annoying when they put something down like three or four steps from where they got it."


14. Retail worker, again:

"Don’t ask me to watch your kid."


15. Insurance agency:

"I work at a very, very busy insurance agency. One thing clients and new customers frequently do is walk into the business and expect to be able to see an agent right away without an appointment, then get upset if the agents are busy. If you deal with an agent, there is a good chance they already have many appointments for the day and are already dealing with frequent phone calls and emails. If you would like to see your agent in person, call and make an appointment."


16. Veterinarian office worker:

"When people come in for medication refills and just say, 'I need the little white pill' or 'that yellow liquid.' Really frustrates me because sometimes their pets have been given more than one similar-looking medication, or we've changed medication manufacturer and the 'little white pill' now looks like a round pink tablet."


17. Server:

"If your server is handing out drinks from a tray, please don’t try to be helpful by taking the drinks off the tray! They are the ones balancing the tray, and your removing a drink will easily throw it off and make them dump the entire tray."


Wavebreakmedia / Getty Images

18. Librarian:

"People wheedling or demanding us to waive their fines. The library gives you access to just about every book, CD, DVD, newspaper, or magazine you could ever want. All you have to do is pay a few dollars now and then when you forget to turn stuff in on time."


A student talking to a librarian, asking for help in a large, modern library.
Tom Werner / Getty Images

19. Dry cleaner:

"Do not come in with your men’s dress shirt buttoned, inside out, or both. And please, take your shit out of your pockets. We keep the money we find and use it for food."


20. Animal shelter employee:

"Adopters making me jump through hoops so they can meet animals and THEN telling me, 'I can’t adopt right now because __.' If you’re not ready to adopt that day, feel free to look around, but don't make the employees run around having you meet animals that aren’t even going to be available when you’re ready to take an animal home."


21. School photographer:

"We are given very strict guidelines to follow for yearbook pictures and school IDs. What makes our job harder is kids (and adults) not listening to simple instructions and demanding to see their photo immediately after it is taken. We are on a time crunch."


22. Bank teller:

"If you have $40 in your account, you cannot have ALL of your $1,200 check cashed. Every single financial institution has regulations on available funds that we employees have to follow. It's a way to protect you from fraud scams, and the bank from taking a hit on fraud checks. The tellers aren't withholding your money just for kicks."


23. Starbucks barista:

"I never care about giving free cups of water, but please order it at the register or the drive-thru with the rest of your order, not the window. It slows us down so much."


Gaga as a barista
@EntertainmentTonight / Via

24. Uber:

"I drive for Uber, and I can't stand it when I arrive to pick someone up and they're five minutes from being ready."


25. Theme park worker:

"I hate when guests get mad that I can’t tell them when a ride will reopen. It’s not like I can predict when a thunderstorm will clear up or when maintenance will fix the ride!"


26. 911 operator:

"Don’t tell us to just send the police. Don’t tell us to tell you where you are — we don’t know. CSI and cop shows are not real life, so don’t call 911 as if it were information. No, we don’t know the number for the Chinese place down the street."


A police dispatcher working at console
Hhltdave5 / Getty Images

27. Mental health counselor:

"Not showing up for appointments — please cancel so someone else can have that time. Not being ready to talk — we can't help if you aren't honest about what's going on. Expecting us to 'fix' you — you aren't a broken person. You just need some help, and that's OK, but you will be the one putting the most work in."


28. Dental office worker:

"Ladies, please quit wearing lipstick to the dentist. It gets on our gloves, making them slippery."


29. Lifeguard:

"I work as a lifeguard and hate when people think it’s funny to fake-drown in the pool."


30. Grocery store worker:

"I work in grocery retail and it infuriates me every time I find a refrigerated item left in a nonrefrigerated section."


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Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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