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    Adults Are Sharing Things That Teenagers Today Should Avoid, And It's Actually Helpful

    TBH, good advice for any age...

    On Monday, Reddit user u/harshithmusic asked adults, "What are some things that a teenager should avoid?" Here are some of the best suggestions:

    Adult and teenager talking
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    1. "Really loud music — the kind at a concert front row loud — because tinnitus really sucks."


    2. "Drugs. Don't explore things that you could get addicted to for the rest of your life."


    3. "Anything you wouldn’t want your mother to hear about at your trial."


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    4. "Bad company. People that will try to use you and lead you down the wrong path."


    5. "Fake friends. It’s honestly better to have no friends than people who gossip about you and make snide remarks to you. I know everyone says this, but you will find your people."


    6. "Avoid skipping the dentist. Even if money is tight, professional cleanings and preventive maintenance will pay dividends later in life."


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    7. "Lack of sleep. It ain't make you cool. Go to bed early and enjoy a full night's sleep."


    8. "Credit cards. It's far too easy to get into debt with them and can really destroy your future for years."


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    9. "Overspending. Learning to respect the value of a dollar should actually begin before one's teens."


    10. "Adults trying to be friendly/date you. You’re not mature for your age — people their age don’t want to be with them or around them for a reason."


    11. "I think every male knows what I'm talking about here — avoid using soap for lubricant."


    12. "Shoplifting. One of my school friends did this years ago. This doesn't make you cool, he now has a criminal record, prevented him from getting jobs when he was 16."


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    13. "Video games. It's all nice and fun until you get addicted to it and lose most of your childhood playing, instead of learning basic social skills and making friends (speaking from experience)."


    14. "Avoid getting in cars with friends who speed, text, and drive like an ass. Don't be afraid to refuse to be a passenger in those situations. It may seem hard to go against the grain on that one, but car wrecks are incredibly common and can absolutely kill you or mess you up for life. Also, don't be that driver."


    Texting and driving
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    15. "Avoid posting things on the internet that you wouldn't want everyone to know about you. The internet is forever."


    16. "Soda. It eats your teeth and you will regret the cavities later."


    What advice would you have for teens today? Let me know in the comments below!