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People Are Sharing The Characters You Don't Realize Are The "Actual Villains" In TV Shows And Movies, And It's Pretty True

I'm starting to do some rethinking...

Ever look back at a movie or show and realize the character everyone loved — or was supposed to love — was actually the one who was problematic AF? Well, right now on Twitter, people are reflecting on movies/shows and picking out the "actual villain."

Here's what they said:

1. Mean Girls:

Paramount Pictures

2. Mean Girls, again:

The real villain was Coach Carr sleeping with two underage students but go off

Paramount Pictures

3. The Devil Wears Prada:

The movie villain the actual villain

Fox 2000 Pictures

4. High School Musical:

the movie villain the actual villains

Kiyoshi Ota / Stringer / Disney

5. High School Musical, again:


6. The Office:

The show’s villain The actual villain


7. Harry Potter:

Warner Bros /

8. Haikyuu!!:

the "villain" the actual villain


9. Big Brother:

The tv show villain The real villain #BB22


10. Breaking Bad:

The shows villain vs the real villain


11. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

Tv show villain The real villain


12. Desperate Housewives:


13. Jennifer's Body:

20th Century Fox

14. RuPaul's Drag Race:

the tv show villain the real villain


15. Vampire Diaries:

The show’s villains VS the actual villain


Which of your favorite movies/shows have an "actual villain"? Let me know in the comments below!