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18 College Students Who Are Funny As Fuck

"PROFESSOR: What does ghosted mean? ME: What Brian over there did to me 3 wks ago"

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1. This student, who accidentally emailed his professor this:

2. This girl, who is over being ghosted:

3. And this girl, who is over trying to impress people:

4. This fuckboy:

5. And this sassy girl:

6. This guy, who "took care of" his gf:

This is how my boy friend "took care of me" when I got blacked out lol

7. And this college student, who tagged her exes in her "commitment" costume:

happy halloween to everyone except my exes!!!!!!!

8. This dude, who's just overwhelmed:

9. And this guy, whose homework is such a metaphor for college:

10. This guy, who had a rough day at class:

11. This iconic "chow/ciao" duo:

my fav person on campus goes to Ryan lmao “ciao*”😂

12. This girl, who used a hanger when she didn't have a fork:

13. And this kid, who drew his teacher on his calculator:

14. This student, who just deserves an A:

15. This student, whose schedule perfectly summed up a week in college:

16. This student, who is sleep-deprived, tired, and stressed.

17. And this student, who's too fucking lazy:

18. And last but not least, this legend, who needs no explanation.

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