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    Posted on Oct 21, 2017

    15 People That I Wanna Ask, "Are You Gonna Be, Like, Ok?"

    "I asked a college boy what his major was and he said pussy."

    1. This college dude:

    2. This professor:

    3. And this professor:

    4. This unenthused grandpa:

    my aunt gave birth this morning and my grandpa is obviously very excited

    5. This bride, who dressed up as a dinosaur on her wedding day:

    6. And this over-the-top dad, who freaked when his daughter asked to sleep out:

    All I wanted to do was stay the night somewhere LOL my dad is crazy

    7. This chef:

    8. This fashionista:

    9. And this one, too:

    10. These Facebookers:

    People on facebook are a different breed

    11. This Walmart shopper:

    Lmao dude on Facebook said he been waiting 4 hours for the P to fall so he could sue Walmart

    12. These Little Caesars employees:

    Hey @littlecaesars I left my phone at one of your establishments and this video was uploaded on my ICloud help

    13. This woman, who wrote a letter to a hurricane:

    14. This Uber driver:

    Everyone: 2016 could not possibly get worse Me: *dies in a car crash while my Uber driver is literally DJing*

    15. And most importantly, the cast of this mall commercial:

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