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Posted on Jun 30, 2018

15 Hilarious Messages People Actually Sent In June

"Fuck off Janet I'm not going to your fucking baby shower."

1. This was just a fail:

2. This person corrected when they should've just not:

3. This girl played a cocky guy:

4. This setup into blocking someone is brilliant:

Maine kisi ko chammat laga dena hai ye kya batamizi hai

5. This Vine reference is iconic:

6. ...and so was Janet's response:


7. This song is a bop:

8. This mom is just done:

I keep forgetting I have my mom on Snapchat

9. And this brother is just double-checking:

So I posted a picture of me wearing my brothers shirt today and he texted me asking if I was wearing his shirt and my response was “i dont know, it was in my laundry”. Not even 5 minutes later I received this picture....

10. And this brother is fed up:

11. This guy had a bad shopping experience:

12. This message gets an A for effort:

this shit took me out but A+ for effort

13. This brother-in-law is savage:

14. This was just unlucky:

15. And finally, this girl got called out:

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