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15 College Roommates That I Have Absolutely No Words For

These roommates are just...WOW.

1. The hype roommate:

This is my new roommate... I think we could become really good friends

2. This prankster:

3. This confused roommate:

I just asked my roommate if she knew who Conor Mcgregor was and she looked me dead in the eyes with full confidence and asked if he was in sigma chi

4. This iconic roommate:

So my roommate fucked 4 guys in the same frat and they've been calling her Wendy since she's 4 for 4 💀

5. This interesting roommate:

6. This kinky roommate:

why’d my roommate think he could hide something like this from me😔

7. This slob:

So i have this roommate I’ve been stuck on a lease with for a year & this is how she lives. She says I “over exaggerate” when i tell her she’s dirty n needs to clean. But honestly It’s out of hand. Retweet if this Unacceptable, so i can be 100% SURE I’m not “over exaggerating”.

8. This hilarious roommate:

Roommate has date coming by later and asked me to clean bc he's not home. So I made a Princess D shrine in his room

9. This illogical roommate:

my roommate started vaping to quit smoking but now he vapes too much so he's started smoking again to quit vaping. incredible

10. This relatable roommate:

One of my roommates just stress-cut her hair 8 inches and gave herself bangs and my other roommate who has been wine-drunk and studying since this afternoon just passed out at the kitchen table Yep, it’s finals week

11. This dramatic jokester roommate:

My one roommate texted us to come help her with a “big situation” but I was just a spider ring...I’m crying 😩😂

12. And this one, who did this:

13. These petty roommates:

My roommates fight over the AC has escalated to passive aggressive fridge notes! Look what my Jamaican roommate said

14. This dramatic AF roommate:

My roommate just came back from California. Look at him.

15. And lastly, this petty but savage rommmate:

My roommate stole from me so I’m moving out, but she still wants half the electric bill.


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