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Posted on Jul 1, 2018

14 Times People Stumbled Upon Something Really ~Interesting~

You never know what you're gonna stumble upon.

1. When you stumble upon a horse in Wendy's:

What is happening in this Wendy's rn

2. A dog floating in the pool:

3. A giraffe that looks like the viral Toys R US toy:

4. A mask that looks like a bra and almost causes drama:

My 4-y/o daughter tried to jam me up today. Kid: Mommy, why is your bra in daddy's car? Me: What!? The Mrs hit me wit a killer side eye. She ain't been in my car in weeks Me: Ain't no bra in my car!! Kid: Ya huh, cup thingie with straps *we all go to garage & look in car*

5. A flying squirrel:

my mom somehow recorded this video of what I imagine is not actually a flying squirrel

6. A real-life version of Mona Lisa:

7. A cat that lives in the ceiling:

8. A pair of shoes with an explanation:

Twitter: @KatraHigher

"my dog "my dog chewed it."

9. A gaggle of nuns and an inflatable penis:

10. A headstrong deer:

11. A dad's unclosed tab:

My dad playing music on his phone and... ion think he closed his tabs g

12. A pure AF sign:

13. A devious dog:

14. And finally, a bougie student:

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