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    15 People Who Have Some Frickin' Nerve

    I can't with these people.

    1. This landlord told their tenant to not cook in the kitchen:

    Message from a landlord, "don't cook meals in the kitchen"

    2. This guy asked a one-time hookup to co-sign for him:

    3. This friend had the nerve to make this request:

    4. And this ex had the gaul to make this request:

    5. This guy had the nerve to say Cici's was Italian:

    6. This cousin broke news like this:

    something wrong with my cousin

    7. This kid had the audacity to think they wouldn't get caught:

    I hate this house. One of the kids ate my wing and tried to replace that shit 😒😒

    8. This girlfriend had some freakin' nerve to do this:

    My bf bought some donuts and I took a bite out of every single one just to fuck with him but then he got mad about something else and I’m afraid when he sees the donuts he’s gonna lose his shit lmao

    9. This boyfriend had the nerve to turn his gift into a big (but hilarious) lie:

    When u lying and gotta be dramatic 😭😭😭

    10. This daughter had the AUDACITY to say this about her mother!!!!

    11. This boyfriend said this to his girlfriend:

    12. And this guy decided to shoot his shot on a girl's four-year anniversary post:

    Did this guy really just try to shoot his shot on my anniversary post lmao

    13. This person had the nerve to tell someone to mind their own business after they posted THIS:

    14. This dad had the nerve to wear this on Mother's Day:

    in an absolute disregard for moms everywhere, this man is using a Mother’s Day brunch to flex his ultimate dad outfit

    15. And finally, the Instagram with the most nerve of all — this couple's breakup photoshoot:

    Good afternoon to this instagay couple who had a breakup photo shoot ONLY

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