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    14 People Who Define What It Means To Be Brutally Honest

    "You cheated on me five times." Ex: "Three, but ok."

    1. This 10-year-old was brutally honest to his girlfriend:

    look what my 10 year old brother told his girlfriend 😂😭

    2. And so was this boyfriend:

    3. This friend was a little too blunt about an ex:

    My friend got dumped last night and this morning we had a group facetime call where everyone shared how much we hated him and it was about two hours of going through what garbage this man is. At one point I said NASA is still looking for his hairline And now they're back together

    4. And can we talk about Robert Smith's brutally honest answer to this enthusiastic reporter:

    Reason #2,345,189 to love Robert Smith & The Cure - brutally honest sarcasm to a question from an over-enthusiastic reporter! 😂

    5. This random person was too honest with their DM:

    6. This ex should've just lied, tbh:

    7. This brother-in-law had a savage reply:

    8. This kid's note to his teacher was a compliment, but too realistic:

    9. As was this child's note to his mother:

    10. This dad had this iconic line:

    11. But not as iconic as this kid's note: "I didn't do my homework because I don't want to do schoolwork over the weekend."

    So my cousin and his wife got an email from their sons teacher. He didn’t do his hw so she asked him to write a paper saying why he didn’t do his hw and this is what she got...😂🤦🏼‍♀️

    12. This girl had to be brutally honest about her cousin's 2-year-old:

    13. This dad had this brutal assessment of his wife:

    14. And last but not least, this brutally honest clapback was the best way to fire back at a body-shamer:

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