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    Updated on Mar 27, 2019. Posted on Mar 25, 2019

    14 People Who Are A Disappointment To Their Parents, But Funny AF

    "Random guy asked for my number at Wingstop. I gave him yours, Mom."

    DISCLAIMER: I'm using the term "disappointment" in a joking/not serious way. Like, more of a "they're so funny" way. Obviously, these parents love their kids.


    1. This girl hit someone's car with a golf cart:

    i wonder why my parents hate me and then i remember that in highschool i hit someone’s car with a golf cart and was scared of getting in trouble so i pretended to be dead. was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. people were crying. i didn’t have a scratch.

    2. This daughter said it was this moment that made her parents want to send her back to India:

    It was at this moment that my parents decided they were sending me back to India

    3. This son's definition of "wave" upset his mom:

    4. This guy's cheery mugshot was a disappointment, but his parents made the most of it:

    5. This son played "Between the Sheets" during his father's mass:

    Confession: My dad is a Pastor & I play the piano at church when I'm home. I religiously play R&B songs during portions of the service to see who notices. I've been playing "Between the sheets" by the Isley Brothers for almost 6 months and today my mom finally noticed.

    6. And this girl's mom is done with her response to her question:

    7. This girl's vocabulary is not impressive to her mother:

    8. And this son forgot his father's birthday — and paid for it:

    no twitter drama will ever compare to my own father subtweeting me into the ground

    9. This two-year-old drank A1:

    "Uh, Mom?" said my 6 year old. "Look at your child." So I looked, and there, sitting cross-legged in a miniature lawn chair, was my 2 year old drinking A1 sauce straight out of the bottle.

    10. And this three-year-old's accent is too much for his dad:

    I FaceTimed my baby brother (3 y/o) and he was speaking with a British accent. I was like wth is going on 💀 My daddy was like this damn Peppa Pig got this boy acting a fool 😂😂

    11. This poor son's search history was a hilarious disappointment to his father:

    So my dad decided to check the history on my 8 year old brothers ipad... watch till the end 😂

    12. This girl gives creeps her mom's phone number when they ask:

    13. This girl's mom is done with her tweets:

    14. And lastly, this girl's tweets were a disappointment/shock for her mom:

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