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    14 Fails From This Week That Made Me Laugh

    The flirting on the Scrabble app has got to go.

    1. This thirst trap fail:

    the insta story vs the DMs... men only want one thing 😪😔✊🏼

    2. This Scrabble app fail:

    Being hit on by a stranger I’m playing in Scrabble Go

    3. This online order fail:

    I thought the personalised message was for the driver not the pods 😂 oops

    4. This Facebook post about 5G fail:

    5. This Instant Pot fail:

    Love my Instant Pot. Makes cooking a breeze. Just tossed in an apple and a cup of water and in 25 minutes I had a really hot apple.

    6. This fan account's devastating fail:

    BREAKING: Golden Globe nominee and movie star Ana de Armas has recently blocked us!

    7. This company's editing fail, OMG:

    8. This haircut fail:

    not a joke, my clippers just died

    9. This stimulus check splurge fail:

    spending that $1200 was easy af

    10. This Dr. Phil lighting fail:

    So uh, Dr. Phil needs to work on his lighting situation

    11. This cat's sidewalk fail:

    You guys, my black cat accidentally rolled in sidewalk chalk.

    12. This Grindr fail:

    This has sent me, I’m so glad I downloaded Grindr again

    13. This Tinder fail:

    At this point, I’m legally changing my name and deleting Tinder. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    14. And lastly, this Reddit fail:

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