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    14 College Professors Who Are Not Here For Their Students' BS

    "Many of the papers weren't really that good."

    1. This psych professor was tired of late assignments:

    2. And this Spanish prof was tired of ... a lot:

    3. This professor was fed up with relatives, car trouble, and more:

    4. This prof had four words for all:

    5. This professor was tired of people forgetting the quizzes:

    6. This professor was not here for curves:

    7. And this prof wasn't here for this question:

    8. This professor is here for FULL NAMES only:

    9. And this professor was done with the test score:

    10. This professor was fed up with this hilarious typo:

    11. This professor kinda snapped with that third answer:

    12. And this professor snapped with this savage stamp:

    13. This professor did not hold back with this email:

    14. And finally, neither did this professor when it came to this rant: